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HP Toner Compatible Options

Premium Toners offers Brand New Compatible or OEM Toner Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, Thermal Transfer Rolls and POS Printer Ribbon Cartridges. We offer High Quality at cheap and very affordable prices. Premium Toner Cartridges, Compatible Toner Cartridges, Compatible Inkjet Cartridges, Re-manufactured Inkjet Cartridges. We also sell Genuine Original, Original Equipment Manufacture some times referred to as "OEM" Cartridges. All Our Cartridges are covered by one year guarantee, with free return.

We Ship using Canada Post or FedEx ground. If you place you order before 3:30 pm, you have 99% chance, you will usually receive your order next day in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Quebec city or the out laying area of these cities. If you are in a remote area of Ontario or Quebec your shipment will arrive within 2 too 3 days, Usually arrives within 2 days.

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HP CB436A Compatible Premium Toner 36A Black
Our Price: $13.99
HP Q2612A Compatible Toner Cartridges 12A Black
Our Price: $19.95
HP Q2612X Compatible Toner Cartridges Q2612A Black 12A
Our Price: $19.95
HP CE278A Compatible Premium Toner 78A Black
Our Price: $19.95
HP CE285A Compatible Premium Toner 85A Black
Our Price: $19.95

HP C3906A Compatible Premium Toner Cartridge 06A
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $22.95
You save $27.00!

HP Lasetjet Q2624X Compatible Toner Cartridge HP Q2624A Black
HP CB435A Compatible Premium Toner 35A Black
Our Price: $24.95
HP Laserjet C7115X Compatible Premium Toner Cartridge 15X
Our Price: $24.95

HP Lasetjet Q2613X Compatible Premium Toner Cartridge 13X Black
Our Price: $24.95
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